Our story is about stunning natural beauty, mysterious statues and connecting with a sacred and vibrant culture. Our mission is to offer you authentic, warm and extraordinary service and share the magic and the enigma of the Rapa Nui island with you. We take pride in our natural and cultural richness and on being environmentally and socially responsible in everything we do.

How we do it


The Hito Family

Many centuries of life on Rapa Nui island has made the Hito Family firm believers that their unique and intriguing heritage needs to be preserved for posterity. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original settlers of this peninsula, the family is certain that their remote and magical island is “Te Pito Te Henua“ the “navel of the world,” a remote and important place in the long history of civilizations. “Rapa Nui culture is alive and evolving,” says Marisol Hito, “and we must ride the winds of change always proud of our heritage. The Rapa Nui culture and soul is not only ours to revere, it belongs to the whole world!” As you visit us you may run into a member of the family who will tell you her/his story and help you connect with the Rapa Nui soul.

Our RAPA NUI family: our staff

The soul of Nayara Hangaroa is a Rapa Nui soul. Our outstanding local men and women embody our internal mission of “heartfelt hospitality;” they all feel proud to work here, and to show their sacred island to our guests through their own eyes.

Our Kitchen staff

We believe our restaurants are of the utmost importance to send guests home with exceptional memories. Our kitchen staff must exceed expectations and make sure guests have an unforgettable gastronomical experience. We are always thankful to the kitchen teams and we support them with training and education. They are at the heart of the Nayara experience.

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Gastronomic philosophy

Our kitchen is driven by the mission to offer sustainable and healthy food that uses local and seasonally available products while supporting local farmers and producers. The aim is to get to “zero kilometers” of the distance between our produce and our kitchen.


Regenerative Tourism

We believe in building in harmony with nature, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness, while planting the seeds that contribute to the growth of our local community. We are proud of our numerous social and environmental initiatives. We are environmentally friendly and socially responsible without compromising design or the local culture.
Our aim is to create a positive impact on the island and the Rapa Nui community and go beyond sustainability to create the conditions that would make it feasible for the new generations to live and prosper on the island.


We think local: we want our community to thrive. Our initiatives involve the community in many of our activities, especially as guides and communicators of the history of the Rapa Nui. Our team comes from the neighboring town of Hanga Roa or from other areas of the island. Details of national artisans are everywhere in the hotel, from the ceilings to the volcanic stone tubs and lavatories.

Architecture and Design

From the rapanui family that inhabited this land for generations, to the team of architects, landscapers and artisans. Everyone who visits Nayara Hangaroa wishes to honor rapanui culture and history. The hotel was designed as a tribute to the Orongo ceremonial center, one of the most iconic places on the island. When you walk through the Rano Kau crater and see the amazing architecture of the houses, with their green grass roofs and curved stone walls, you will immediately move into the architecture of our hotel. Where you can enjoy every detail designed for a better experience, from the large green gardens, the natural touches in every corner, the cypress trees carefully chosen to reuse them, the relaxing tubs made of clay in clay ovens, to the volcanic sinks created from only one piece. Every detail of our hotel is thought so that you can feel the culture and nature in every step you take.

Energy & Water Conservation and Renewal

We built sustainable and renewable lodging. Land topography and the Green Roofs allow us to maximize the heating effects of sunlight and ventilation, cooling the buildings and minimizing the need for air conditioning.


Our “KAINGA” Tradition

Nayara Hangaroa’s philosophy is based on the local concept of “Kainga,” on respecting and honoring Mother Earth. We aim to protect and preserve our magical island, Rapa Nui. More importantly, we want our community to thrive and to be sustained throughout time and for generations to come.

Unique design: Green Roofs

For Nayara Hangaroa design goes hand in hand with our Kainga philosophy. We have built a hotel that encourages the preservation of the archeological patrimony and the growth of the local community. One example of this are our green roofs that you can see from above. They blend with nature and cool the buildings

The preservation of the island’s natural resources together with the honoring of the culture of the Rapa Nui is the main philosophy behind the existence of the hotel. The preservation of the island’s archaeological patrimony is our most important goal and it is reflected in everything we do.


“I’m not particularly spiritual, but the largest ahu, at Tongariki, is such an awe-inspiring sight that I begin to feel something stir in me.”

Chaney Kwak , The Washington Post

“From spacious rooms to gourmet à la carte meals served to impress the taste and the eyes. The staff was super friendly and even tricycle rentals, the best way to circulate and truly know the island was included in the full board package. I strongly recommend.”

Arthur Arruda , Sao Paulo, Brasil

“Bikes were available to ride into town and you could walk to the end of the street and sit on one of the beaches at the cliff to watch the sunset over the ocean in the evening.“

Carolinagirl , Tampa, USA

“Few areas in the world possess a more mystical pull than this tiny speck of land, one of the most isolated places on Earth.”


“The more we learn about the remote island from archaeologists and researchers, the more intriguing it becomes”

Paul Trachtman , Smithsonian Magazine

“The degree to which their cultural heritage was passed on—and is still present today through language, arts, and cultural practices—is quite notable and impressive.”

Robert DiNapoli , Scientific America

“Rapa Nui National Park contains one of the most remarkable cultural phenomena in the world. An artistic and architectural tradition of great power and imagination was developed by a society that was completely isolated from external cultural influences of any kind for over a millennium.”

Criterio I , UNESCO

"Constructed with natural materials such as cypress trunks, clay and volcanic rock, I immediately felt immersed in the Rapa Nui habitat upon check in."

The Roadless traveled

"The holistic spa's four treatments rooms also resemble cave dwellings, and the hotel lobby, restaurants and lounge areas evoke a casa bote, a traditional house that looks like an upside-down boat."

Fodor Travel

"Rounded buildings topped with grassy roofs that blend into the black and green landscape."

Conde Nast Traveler , Hot List 2013 Best New Hotels

"Green initiatives meet traditional architecture and hospitality at this peaceful retreat on the coast."

Fodor Travel